Find Your Dream Team
Find your

Dream Team

Connect the best people to the job 75% faster, with skill-specific video and easy-to-compare candidate profiles, only from Source Direction.

Meet your match.

Get face time on your time.

Recruiters & candidates, rejoice! With Source Direction, the most qualified people always rise to the top. The complex details of a person's experience are presented in an always relevant, easy to review profile page that can be filtered and directly compared to the qualifications of a given job posting. Candidates - put your best foot forward with personalized per-skill videos and work samples. Recruiters - Cut out the guess work and build the team you want now!

Meet Your Match 1
per-skill ranking

Find candidates with the highest rank for the skills the job requires.

Meet Your Match 2
comparison tool

for a quick, side-by-side comparison of candidates and their experience with job-specific skills.

Meet Your Match 3
add to talent pool

Save favorite candidates to your named Talent Pools.

Meet Your Match
Comparison Tool

Decisions, decisions...

They just got a lot easier to make.

Make side-by-side comparisons of multiple candidates at once with our patent-pending Comparison Tool. Decide the importance of each skill in a job posting, and view the highest ranking and most experienced candidates first. Save the results to a named Talent Pool, set up an interview, and share the results with your team.

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